The Team 


At ‘We Care Solutions’, we value and care for all our staff members. We highly appreciate our support team who put in time and effort during their work hours.Consistently ensuring our staff are up to date with all training, and for those that are new to complete the training is important. We are committed to providing training to new staff as well as our current staff. Consistently ensuring our staff are up to date with training guarantees they are up to date with the care knowledge that they are providing. We are proud of the complimented and high-quality care provided by all our support team. All of our carers go through rigorous checks during the recruitment process, to ensure that they hold the relevant qualifications which make them competent workers. In addition, we intend to provide fair pay to all members of staff, not only for the work put in but to ensure that they remain committed at all times. As a team we strive to work in a partnership with others, recognizing strengths and promoting the needs, interests and self-development of vulnerable people. We also have field officers who visit our service users to monitor carers, to ensure that services provided are delivered at the best standard possible.





Sally Biuee


Sally is the Senior Support Worker, She has over 20 years experience in the care industry. Sally is responsibile for supervising staff and volunteers across a cluster of services, encouraging and inspiring them to offer the highest standards of support. 



 Zak Nabi is the person in charge of creating our bespoke care plans.

Camran Butt is the  Camran does all the back end office work and keeps the business on track He started his career in insurance then decided to set up we care solutions with Marion.

Janna Hamid deals with staff management,, training and co-ordination. 

Mohamed Elmi is an office worker who is ready to answer any queries anyone has about our care packages, application process and everything inbetween.

Marion Mullen

 Marion is the fieald operations manager, She keeps everything together with the service users and staff.

Marion responsible for executing and improving their company's field marketing, sales, and merchandising initiatives. This includes hiring and training a team of field reps, evaluating and analyzing their performance, and planning and managing logistics.

The Team 

We Care Solution's is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 

The company prioritizes making employees from all walks of life feel welcome. Individualities are celebrated and everyone feels like they have a place at the company. Exclusionary behavior is not tolerated. 


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