Funding your Care

The majority of healthcare services provided at We Care Solutions is free of charge to our clients under the NHS if they are referred by their GP. Many times, those who have suffered an injury, or a big accident usually require support in their day to day lives. In addition to this, those sectioned under the Mental Health Act are also entitled for government subsidies.

Social care is also offered, however, only the people that need this the most are eligible for it. The council will carry out an assessment to see if you are eligible for this type of care. Those who score high on the care assessments are classed as a priority. After this step, the council will carry out a financial assessment.

Those who provide over 35 hours of care per week to a family member or friend meet the requirements for carers benefits. They must be over the age of 16 and the person they are caring for is eligible for disability benefits.

Self-directed support

This is a new method of payments introduced. Self-Directed Support is a new way of managing your own care needs. This new method gives you total control of your care, it can be managed yourself or family members by sending Direct Payments to the care provider, such as We Care Solutions through an Individual Service Fund (ISF).  

Direct Payments

Those entitled to receive financial aid from the council are eligible to Direct Payments.  This is when a sum of money Is paid from the Council directly into your account giving you the freedom, choice and control to who you pay for your care. Some people would rather not deal with managing their finances, and so we provide you with the option to do so on your behalf through an ISF.


Individual Service Fund

An ISF gives you the freedom to create your own care and support without the responsibility of managing it. Any monies paid will directly go to We Care Solutions LTD. All finances can be tracked by yourself or your families and statements are provided upon request.  

We want you to feel confident in either financial choice you choose to go with. Both payment options will provide you with the highly qualified staff providing you with personal centred care tailored to meet your needs.

These options are available to you if you are entitled for funding through the Council. Finances in relation to care are not classed as an income, so, those receiving any benefits can be assured that this income will not affect them. In addition to the above financing options, those you are not qualified for a fund for care do have the option to pay for care privately.


Private Funding

As a care company our main aim is to provide care to all service users and meet their needs. This applies to those who are eligible for funding and those that fund their care costs privately. We promise the care provided to all service users care plans that are person centred to their needs.


Equity release schemes

An equity release Schemes is another option to fund your care. Many elderly people do not realise that they can use the equity in their property to fund care at home without having to sell. equity Care can offer impartial and independent advice on how equity release schemes work.


IB Budget


Individual budgets are an allocation of funding given to the people we support after an assessment which should be sufficient to meet their assessed needs. They can either take their personal budget as a direct payment, or – while still choosing how their care needs are met and by whom – leave councils with the responsibility to commission the services. Or they can take have some combination of the two.

For more information, please contact us and we will arrange for a consultation visit where one of the office managers will attend a meeting with yourself or family member and we will discuss your requirements. YFor further information visit the following:

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